Bright Hub: Shogun 2: Total War Review

Time for some Total War action in Japan. Shogun 2 could be the greatest Total War game yet. Awesome gameplay, beautiful graphics, this is distilled, streamlined strategy goodness.

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cyguration2500d ago

Sounds like a game worth buying.

BeastlyRig2500d ago

only if you like insane hours of gameplay!!

KeithWorth2500d ago

Pretty long wait on Gamefly, so going to have to agree with you on that one and probably just buy it.

TJSonntag2500d ago

I agree. It looks just gorgeous.

banjadude2500d ago

Haha, I think I'm the only person on N4G still waiting on my import copy!

Muckbeast2500d ago

Wow. What a great, detailed review.

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