GameInsider: HomeFront Review

The presentation offered in Homefront is great, but is never fully realized as the technical limitations of the game take away from what could’ve been awesome. Certain set-pieces deserved to be seen in a higher graphical fidelity in order to truly convey the message the game was aiming for. In the end we can only recommend this for PC as there was just too much of a last-gen experience in the campaign that was barely saved by a simple and entertaining online multiplayer played across the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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DelbertGrady2705d ago

'simple and entertaining' is not the right words to describe the online.

The multiplayer is far from simple. It's actually one of the most complex released this gen.

Zikron2705d ago

I agree completely. Just look at the number of people complaining about how OPed snipers are. Use a drone, spawn a vehicle or flank them and they are pretty defenseless.

Myst2705d ago

I agree so many people said it was basically a call of duty clone. So I ran out and tried to run and gun like I did in Call of Duty. I died almost instantly every time lol. Actually had to use my mic and coordinate with my team.

Someone also complained the maps were to big, whereas I found them rather nicely sized. Overall I think the game is rather fun, could do for that patch though to fix matchmaking and freezing. Supposedly it is to come out today or tomorrow so for now I'm holding off till then.

aquamala2705d ago

Playing this on ps3, graphics wise sp looks great but mp looks horrible, does the mp in pc also look this bad?

Zikron2705d ago

Looks just as good as the single player for me on the PC. If your considering getting the game, and you should, gamers without a strong rig should consider going with the Onlive version if you have a good internet connection.