Captain America: Super Soldier Preview [Game Revolution]

"Though comparing Batman and Captain America might not be the fairest or the typical Marvel vs. DC character battle – The Punisher is probably the better comparison in lieu of Captain America – both Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers have strikingly similar abilities." !~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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samurailincoln2827d ago

Captain America: Arkham Asylum

dbjj120882827d ago

Isn't the Marvel prison called Rykers or something like that?

rdgneoz32827d ago

They have "Stryker's Island Penitentiary" in DC (Metropolis), not sure if you confused Rykers with that.

stormeagle62827d ago

Riker's Island is a real jail in New York, Spidey villains do often get sent there.

VenomProject2827d ago

I think the "Vault" would be a better choice.

showtimefolks2827d ago

that will be 10-15 within few months of release

super hero games can't be good

wolverine game which was based off a movie was great

so if enough time and money is spent it can turn out to be something special

Downtown boogey2827d ago

Of course super hero games can be good!!
Arkham Asulym was great and I'm sure Arkham City will be even better.
I'd say, though, that movie tie-ins are pretty much never any good.

mightyboot2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

American propaganda all over the suit it sickens me.

earbus2827d ago

Worst superhero ever bring on captain botswana.