Dino D-Day Needs A Console Release

Steve Haske writes, "How often do we see dinosaurs in video games? Considering their terrible power and sheer evolutionary greatness (not to mention the cool factor that anything dinosaur-related stirs in our inner nine-year-old), not very often. Dino Crisis has been all but abandonded by Capcom. Turok was arguably never any good. Telltale's Jurassic Park will only last five episodes. But dinosaurs, perhaps, are making a comeback. Ubisoft's Combat of Giants, an edutainmental dinosaur adventure game, is coming for the 3DS. And Dino D-Day, an idea that is perhaps one of the greatest genre mergings in the history of video games, was just announced for Steam. Never in a million years would I have suspected that anyone would be bold and ingenious enough to come up with something absurdly amazing as a WWII game with dinosaurs, let alone actually make it. But now someone has."

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