EA Gets Gritty: If Other Sport Titles Get The Fight Night Treatment

GP Editor Jamie Donnelly writes, "Fight Night: Champion was released into the gaming world this month, and it promised to be the grittiest and darkest entry in the franchise to date. The game contained something rarely, if ever, seen in an EA sports title; an actual story mode. This wasn’t just a case of start as a nobody and work your way up to heavyweight champion. Those stories are fit for retro, ladder style arcade boxing games, and it is a dull story that has persevered for too long in sports games. Fight Night: Champion involves the dark issues that are always rumoured to surround real boxing; match-fixing, blackmail, and betrayal. It was a brave move by EA, but it was also a welcome one that seems to have paid off. The question that remains is will EA take this new gritty storyline formula and apply it to the other titles under its belt? I take a look at what other sporting titles might look like if given the realism makeover."

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FLOWCity2702d ago

I would love a Madden with a storyline game mode..But EA won't do that to their cash cow.

MintBerryCrunch2702d ago

i would settle for just a good football game, but that too would be asking for too much

Sparticus_12702d ago

They can do a gritty version of Tiger Woods Masters 2012. It takes a look at the dark side of golf. How you can wreck your vehicle and get away with it and cheat on your ole lady over and over again and still be a hero to people. Yea thats what kinda game Im looking for!!!!! Possibly a Madden dark game too. Where Pittsburg Steelers quarterbacks can get hit with sexual assault chargers and go scott free. I cant wait to see what EA does with this!!!!!

MintBerryCrunch2702d ago

if EA wants an outline for a new TW game, all they have to do is watch South Park

Goaliegeek2702d ago

Would like a grittier NHL. Bleeding, cuts, etc. Would also like a overhauled menu system and overall game, but thats just asking too much from EA

nevin12702d ago

[email protected] MintBerryCrunch. personally, the last Madden I like was 2004 with Micheal Vick on the cover.