The Caped Crusader of Gaming - Batman Throughout the Years

GP Editor Dan Curtis writes, "Batman is cool again. Whether he is starring in blockbuster films such as the Dark Knight or beating the snot out of enemies using cool gadgets in Arkham Asylum, the fact remains that Batman is a hot property at the moment. Anticipation amongst fans of Arkham Asylum is almost reaching unprecedented heights as we all wait on tenterhooks for Arkham City to come out, salivating at the mouth as Rocksteady steadily releases new screenshots and information sporadically, each adding a new layer of awesomeness to the final Batman package. Wherever you look, the Dark Knight is currently incredibly popular and his return to top form in Arkham Asylum left a lasting mark on the videogame landscape. However, Batman has also done this all before. He's had a lot of adventures in videogames over the years, some good, some delightfully dismal and this blog is in celebration of these age old titles. See if you can spot any you recognise."

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