3DS Launch Games: An iPad And iPhone Owner's Guide (Modojo)

Nintendo's 3DS debuts Sunday, March 27th, and while it looks tempting, the system carries a hefty $249.99 price tag. On top of that, the games retail for $39.99 a piece. That's a lot of cash, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can already experience many of these upcoming titles sans 3-D and save money in the process.
The best part? It'll cost nearly $350 to buy these games for the 3DS, whereas the iOS versions (combined) will run $60 or less, depending on whether you choose iPhone or iPad.

Chris Buffa (Modojo)

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Kroganwrex2825d ago

SF4 Iphone is the biggest pile of shit i've ever played. The framerate is about 4fps, the controls are ridiculously dumbed down to a couple of attack buttons, the characters are cut to like 8 out of the 36 characters in the 3ds version and it plays like ass. Compare this to the 3ds version which is DIRECT port from the console versions, complete with ungimped controls and cast - and looks very similiar to the console versions.

Buff10442825d ago

I'm not going to debate frames of animation, but I will say the numbers don't lie. 1477 five star reviews on the App Store, 269 four star reviews...175 one star reviews. People love this game.

Kroganwrex2825d ago

Fine, as a PHONE game it may be good. As a Street fighter game, heck a fighting game in general, it's a steaming pile of shit for all of the reasons listed above.