Xperia Play games could cost up to £10

Sony says "smaller, lower-tier games will be around £1 to £2 "

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jay22588d ago

I'm guessing those are for the PLAY exclusive games that won't come to any other phones (The £10 ones).

alex33692588d ago

well the iphone has up to around 10 dollar games. street fighter IV and such. i like those games on my phone but with the buttons the xperia play could be an above average mobile gamer.

user8586212588d ago

$10 is like £5 to us

which makes £10...... $20

alex33692588d ago

yeah i guess your right. well lets hope they are great games haha

Scottyabanks2588d ago

Well, 10 bucks isn't bad as long as it's at least PSP quality.

rustyspoon802588d ago

£10 will only be for a version of cod. Activision wont sell anything cheap.

dangert122588d ago

running on the new updated engine that can rival frostbite 2.0

visuals are amazing for 'Mobile CoD' given a sexy make over in true next gen style...yeah it looks like james bnd on game boy ;)

zeal0us2588d ago

oh yea you got to re-purchase any game you already brought on the psn network....Sony is just asking for some1 to pirate games, who want to re-purchase something that they already brought? Comeon now I don't support pirating but when you make me re-purchase something I already brought and owned just to play on a mobile phone, pirating don't seem so bad then....

CaptainGreece2588d ago

Then BUY SOMETHING wait for it ELSE.

zeal0us2588d ago

"Then BUY SOMETHING wait for it ELSE"

buy something that I don't want....this would be a good suggestion if didn't buy all the games I wanted off PSN and racked over $200 in you can't get back but ole well still can play it on the ps3

"Why does everyone piss and moan about such petty crap?"

Buy an 10 game on your iphone3gs upgrade iphone4 you got to buy all 10 of them back... apple games are relatively cheap

or better yet imagine you brought 5 $50 dollars game that work for winXp then you upgrade to winvista/7, you are told you must go out buy those very same games you brought, again,if you want them to work... not to mention you never lose the serial key or broke the disc

"You do know that there will be other games besides the ones you already have right?"

I want the ones already paid for, idc for something else obviously, if i did then wouldn't ever mention

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