Atlus Launches Trine 2 alluring adventure Gameplay Trailer; Release Date Moved to Late Summer 2011

Atlus have launched a new gameplay trailer for Trine 2, a high-fantasy, physics-based action platformer with cooperative online multiplayer, for PlayStation 3 , Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360, and PC. The publisher also announced that the game's release date has been moved to late Summer 2011.

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Freedom_Bear2829d ago

For a downloadable game the graphics are gorgeous, I didn't get the chance to play the first but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this one. Love the platforming and puzzle aspects displayed in the trailer, looks promising.

Jack-Pyro2829d ago

*puts on Arnold Schwarzenegger mask*


cochise3132829d ago

I love the first game, it had some of the most beautiful graphics i've seen. It had a great soundtrack too. This game also has some of the best physics I've seen in a game.

Munky_VIII2829d ago

At first I wasn't really that interested, but after playing it for a few hours, I found it hard to stop. The first game is awesome. Cant wait for this.

cochise3132829d ago

Yeah i thought the same thing, then i decided to play the demo. I fell in love with it after that.