Fixing The YLOD-Well Worth It

TGH Writes: "On the weekend just gone, one of the Playstation consoles in the house seemed to have a problem, the so called ‘Yellow light of death’.Luckily for me it was not my console, but my brothers. It was his fat 40GB."

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Dart892706d ago

I have fixed my 60gb once and it's still kicking.

Corepred42706d ago

I 'fixed' mine but i kept having to do it every 3 months until it finally died for good. wish i still had a fat though.

Liefx2705d ago

I found a lady on ebay in Montreal that sells a bunch of refurbished (by Sony) 60GB PS3's. If you want I can find you her email. It's about $320 but she gives you a controller, HDMI, powercord, charger cable. I got one last year and it's going good.

inveni02705d ago

I have a 60GB Fat (bc) lying around. I had to fix it twice. Then, I sold it on Amazon. He had a problem 2 weeks later, so I let him send it back for a refund. I tried fixing it again, but it won't post video. I need to re-flux it, but I just haven't. If anyone wants it, I'll sell it cheap.

mantisimo2706d ago

fixed mine 3 times and its gone again phoned "game" the uk retailer and they sent me a voucher for a new one.

(mine 60gig fat launch 3and half years old) got a 320 slim and although I dont have backwards comp any more the only ps2 games I play are coming on hd collections.

Win Win. (the fatty didnt have any disc space left).

zootang2705d ago

When and how? I don't understand? Did you trade it in? Out of the kindness of their hearts just send you a voucher for a PS3? That's what it sound like you are saying?

mantisimo2705d ago


No sony replaced twice within the year (refurbs)then the 3rd refurb lasted until new years eve 2010, it broke I phoned game and they sent it to total console repair twice to be refluxed.

It lasted a week or so each time and the 3rd time they said I couldnt do anything else so I quoted the UK law on goods being fit for purpose (very gently but firmly).

They gave in and sent me £200.00 voucher (60 gigs resale value although that has just a week ago dropped to £150) plus postage refund, plus a game that was stuck insides value.

So I got a 320gig LBP2 pack and had to pay about £20 on top.

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Impressive! I wish I had done that my self. Oh well, you live and you learn. So it was still within a you first year warranty?

mantisimo2704d ago

no it was 3 and a half years old but because of the law if a high end electrical item breaks say within 6 years(no real limit but most people on forums think about 5 years) then you can claim that the goods were unfit for purpose and had an inherant fault.

Most sellers will question it but will usually settle. Game just gave the voucher to me straight away and said they claim it back from sony.

Graphics2706d ago

Got it twice paid twice, then got a another ps3 60gb back from sony that was loud for no reason and instantly send it back, should be receiving another 60gb back any day now.

Silly Mammo2706d ago

I might have to try this. My 40gb fatty died 1.5 years ago, but I don't have the heart to just get rid of it. So its sitting on the shelf in my office.

branchedout2706d ago

I've done this fix about five times. All but one were friends, and I charged the non-friend materials + $50. Not bad when it only costs a $30 heat gun once, and $10 thermal paste every two times afterwards.

But, the important thing to remember is this is NOT A PERMANENT FIX.
The PS3 -WILL- YLOD again. But, normally, fixes last anywhere between 2-3 months and beyond.

SeanScythe2706d ago

Yeah mine barely lasted 3 days.

sorceror1712706d ago

Mine survived one month and three days. I fixed it again, and it's made it two weeks so far. I'm hoping to keep it limping along until a price cut...

Highlife2706d ago

Every time I fix it i get a good 3 to 4 months out of it. Bought a slim recently cause i don't know how many times I can fix it before i can't. But it is nice to have two.

badz1492706d ago

got at least 3 month each time but 3rd time I screwed up! damn, but now I got my slim

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