GameInformer: The Over-The-Top Activities of Saints Row: The Third

Wacky activities are a staple of the Saints Row franchise, with its most outlandish debuting in Saints Row 2. Septic Avenger missions had you dousing outdoor cafes and pool parties with a steady torrent of human waste, Trail Blazer tasked you with (literally) burning through college campuses on a flaming ATV while haphazardly throwing molotov cocktails, and Crowd Control saw crazed fans of celebrities get thrown into jet turbines. Some (Insurance Fraud, Trail Blazing) will be returning for Saints Row: The Third, while others (FUZZ, Septic Avenger, Fight Club) have been cut.

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Winning2706d ago

Guardian Angel sounds crazy. I'm sure The Third will be knocking on GTA's doors. It better knock hard though, cuz when that door opens, it will be GTA5.


DelbertGrady2706d ago

Insurance Fraud was my favourite in SR2. Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax sounds like tons of fun lol!

Pintheshadows2706d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. SR2 was so much fun. Also included so great metal.

OllieBoy2706d ago

I'm gonna miss Septic Avenger :(

Hope they come out up something more disgusting.

Danielmccue2706d ago

The activities on saints row 2 bored me really quickly.
It was really annoying having to do these tedious
activities to do story missions aswell, I hope they take that out.

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