Chatting to David Cage about making good games

@XG247: At last weeks ‘GAME BAFTA Video Game Awards’, quite a title, we had a word with Director/Writer of Heavy Rain. David Cage, the man in question, is known for his great quotations of the industry and in this rather fine ‘winner’s interview’ David drops a nice idea.

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GodofwarGoty2496d ago

David cage is the man you guys made the best game and my favourite game of all time keep up the great work and we all are waiting for your next game and a big hit for sure cant wait

Tilian2496d ago

I like the question he always asks: "can you tell a story without a gun in your hand?" (Do devs even want to?). That's my kinda dev.

Xander-RKoS2496d ago

I wonder if he can tell a coherent story that isn't full of one dimensional characters and still win an award....

Azianphil882496d ago

Looking forward to his next project