Dev shoots down Silent Hill multiplayer rumour

Talk of an online play segment in the game emerged over the weekend, based on quotes from an Italian interview with art director Radek Marek.

Radek apparently said that, “At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the multiplayer.”

Apparently not.

“Whoever that Italian interviewer was either took Radek’s comments completely out of context, or it was lost in translation,” said Shatsky.

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Kingdom Come2592d ago

As long as its not part of the main franchise and just a spin-off , much like "Resident Evil Outbreak" was to Capcoms franchise, I wouldn't mind. However, it would need balancing in order to maintain fear. Ideas being for:
- The 2 players to continuously be seperated
- Scarce ammunition
- stronger opponents & more

magus2592d ago

good why the hell does silent hill need multiplayer for?

mixelon2591d ago

Phew, that was worrying!

Only way I can imagine SH working in multiplayer is story based co-op, probably with the characters being stuck in the different alt "dimensions" and rarely if ever meeting properly. (a bit like the movie) It'd be interesting to have someone in rusty/red/hell being able to influence foggy SH despite not visibly being there.

It could have built in voice comms which is crapped up with interference, making it nearly impossible to communicate with your counterpart/s. Ok that's sadistic.

Makes more sense not to have multiplayer at all.

Acquiescence2591d ago

They've got their priorities straight, and know it's best to focus wholly on the single player component, as not to jeopardise its quality by slapping on a tacky multiplayer element that, frankly, no one wants.

Downpour is gonna be ace.