Crysis 2 Gets a First Patch v1.01

The highly anticipated Crysis 2 is coming out tomorrow and as soon as you pop the game in, a patch is waiting for you to download.

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ShadyDevil2703d ago

That was quick. Does it fix the whole server issue from the Demo? Did they take the demo off to patch the full game?

ATiElite2703d ago

Is it the DX11 patch (I can't believe I have to wait for a DX11 patch).

reads article....It ain't even the FN DX11 patch. this is so lame.

Active Reload2703d ago

"The version 1.01 patch carries the size of 39MB and should take a couple of minutes to download. The patch seems to activate the online servers to get everyone ready for tomorrow’s intense multiplayer action."

More like 2 seconds, lol. I don't know what platform this guy will be putting his copy into.

byeGollum2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )


since you were able to wait for the game releaase I dont see why you cant wait for a DX11 patch. Why do gamers cry for everything nowadays? go on, and just cry me a river :D

ATiElite2703d ago

@ Gollum

I don't see it as crying. I see it as a huge quality issue. YOU may think it's OK for Devs to release games with low quality, missing features, NO DX11 but I think it's totally insane.

Your attitude is why the quality of games have gone down while the prices go up. what's next $70 for a game then you have to pay $20 for the MP? or a game gets released and you have to wait for a patch to advance to the second level.

so yeah I'll cry you a river when it comes to $60 for bad product and low quality in an industry i enjoy.

Zydake2703d ago

This sucks I just picked up my Crysis 2 copy at a mom and pop shop BUT I'm at work till 11 meh

kuroukage2701d ago

Shoulda saved your money and waited for DX11 + price drop. :P

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GodofwarGoty2703d ago

tomorrows the day we all been waiting for has crysis 2 fixed all its problems is it good on all systems tomorrow we will have the answers we have been waiting for

Frenza2703d ago

Not for us that live in europe. Crysis 2 is released on friday here (25/3)

Pintheshadows2703d ago

Who disagreed with him? He is 100% right!

DrHouse2703d ago

That was fast. Now all we need is the DX11 patch for the pc version and Crysis 2 will be pretty much home free, well except for mods and such...speaking of which I have already seen some on youtube.

wissam2703d ago

I am really surprised that this game does not support DX11 by default.

BeastlyRig2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Im not surprised look at the game it clearly made with consoles in mind!

BF3 without dx11 on day 1.. now that would be a surprise!!

xCaptainAmazing2703d ago

It's not a big deal though. It let's the developer kick it out the door for manufacturing while they correct any last minute findings.

kevnb2703d ago

Its the "game runs like crap because you pirated it" patch.

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The story is too old to be commented.