Dragon Age II Solidifies the Franchise

"If you have forgotten about Dragon Age: Origins, or the name brings up a very vague memory, no worries. Dragon Age: Origins is a fantasy western RPG from Bioware released in November 2009. Despite winning a few “Best RPG” awards that year, the game was quickly forgotten when Mass Effect 2 came out two months later and became highly regarded as the next pinnacle of gaming. Origins pretty much felt like filler between Mass Effect 1 and 2, something for BioWare fans to enjoy while waiting for Commander Shepard’s next mission."

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Nick2120042706d ago

I have yet to check out Dragon Age II, but I have heard many compliments from people on this RPG.

Simon_Brezhnev2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I like the gameplay more then DAO but the story is lacking some. I dont know Hawke real objective. The ending is probably one of the worst cliffhangers i ever played. Just be prepared for a DLC ending.

Stealth20k2705d ago

compliments dwarfed by the fact that the game isnt very good

Louis_Guzman2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Garbage game and equally crap review from a no-count site that's willing to lap up any bit of feces that bioware squeezes out. Also, lol at ME2 being "the next pinnacle of gaming". Thanks for the laughs.

BeaArthur2705d ago

I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. I think about 25 hours in or so. I do wish I could get access to certain skills without having to unlock 2 or 3 other skills that I don't want.

killajd2705d ago

The game play itself play smoother but the customization seems like they cut it in half... Iv played it from start to finish and I enjoyed the game alot but felt there was something missing!

WharenPeace2705d ago

It's an o-k game, hardly as terrible as some proclaim it to be, but not nearly as brilliant as others hope it should be. Dragon Age 2 is the epitome of a slightly above-average game. It improves on some things about DA:O but on the other hand it drops the ball on others.

In other words, 6/10.

PS: Someone mentioned the ending or the last Act (Act 3), and yes that did feel incredibly rushed. It just didn't feel right. Act 2 was what DA2 should have been like.

mobijoker2705d ago

Totally agree. Act 1 was just fetch quest fest.Act 3 was just rushed.Act 2 got all the companion parts that were amazing.It took me 34 hours to finish all the quests except one(which is bugged btw).The ending just spoiled the second part.And it can't be called an end.You don't know what happened to you or your companion or why Varric was interrogated.Why leliana was there?
i think ea pushed bioware to not make a large game to feed us huge dlcs and this time around they left the story unfinished so that dlc buying will be a must if you wanna know the ending.

WharenPeace2705d ago

That's the impression I got as well.

Act 1 was terrible, and I almost returned the game because of it. Why they couldn't just incorporate all those fetch quests as part of the first year as a mercenary or smuggler, I'll never know (unless we're going to see year One: DLC).

Act 2 was very good and they could have easily ended the game there (the Arishok-Qun storyline was brilliant).

Act 3 on the other hand, spoiled it for me.

What is sad, is that it's so blatantly obvious that they're going to keep their future games open ended with no real end and milk their fans with frequent DLC. It's a nifty business model, but I'm not keen on being milked (my wallet nipples get sore very easily)

Personally, DA2 was my last Bioware pre-order, and from now on, I'll be extra vigilant and wait for the GOTY edition (or even skip them entirely).

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