Black Prophecy Officially Live

After long years in development, today's the day: the space combat MMOG Black Prophecy has officially lifted off and is now open to all players. It has been an exciting journey to bring the game, which so many players have been looking forward to for a long time, to the public, but it has certainly been worth the wait.

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ATiElite2829d ago

....and so the Space MMO Wars have begun!!

This is so gonna take away all my Eve Online time. Downloading NOW!!

Miths2829d ago

This was sooner than expected. I played in closed beta for a few days a couple of months ago, but had so many other things on my plate at the time that I never got around to play more.
It was definitely interesting enough to give it a try now that it's been released.

KeiserSosay47882829d ago

downloading now....

We need more of these man! We need an awesome space MMOAG.

ATiElite2829d ago

your that brett farve's wife or chick that looks like a younger version of brett farves wife?

KeiserSosay47882828d ago

its the girl he sent his d!ck pics to....damn d!ck