Gaming takes another step towards digital distribution

The recent news that EA is no longer going to include paper instruction manuals in their games marks just another step towards the eventual replacement of packaged products by digital distribution. What's the next step, paper sleeves instead of plastic cases?

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Nate-Dog2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

EA may be looking to cut down on costs (as all companies would like to do) and be more environmentally friendly which I am all for myself, but you can bet your ass EA will still with most games stick in a few pages with advertisements for other EA games, advertisements for DLC packages, and their online passes which defeats the purpose (or their reasoning for this choice) of doing this.

MadMax2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

what? this is just plain stupid and a bad move on their part! what if someone wants to buy a used game? they get completely jipped. i also sell alot of my games on ebay and amazon when im done with them. reseller value will be a joke.

we will ALL lose on this, in one way or another. digital distribution is possibly one of the worst things that ever couldve happenned to gaming!

Xander7562705d ago

Yeah games without manuals are considered "incomplete" and usually are worth a bit less when you try to re-sell them. I always try to buy games that have manual and original case.

MadMax2705d ago

Yea, same here. I actually collect games, have some old classics in original boxes with manuals in great shape. This is pretty frustrating to me. Whats up with the online pass stuff lately.

What if you buy the game used and the online pass has already been used? Does that mean you dont have access to play the game online?