EGM Rumors: Parasite Eve, Konami PS3 Exclusive

PSX writes: "You know you love 'em. With an absolutely giant fall and winter on tap for the game industry, the rumors are flying through the air like Christmas fruitcakes in December. The latest batch was delivered courtesy of Electronic Gaming Monthly, so check out all the newest reports...and bear in mind, none of these are officially confirmed, but they're still awfully fun to read and contemplate".

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THC CELL3794d ago

i really hope this comes out

MADGameR3794d ago

Parasite Eve III! I love the PE series, I love Aya Brea! Can't wait for this game!!!! >_<

achira3794d ago

wow, parastive eve, not bat. would be very nice!

KeMoBLUE3794d ago

wow another exclusive. ps3 is catching up fast.

UltramanJ3794d ago

Reworded rumors from two EGMs ago. Wow!

THC CELL3794d ago

never been on this site so no its not old

ta1snake3794d ago

Yeah, Konami kick Capcom bastard in the balls.

unlimited3794d ago

Capcom the one who screwed ps3 fans cant even make it time exclusive and they talkin about wanting to support the ps3 the most..they a load of crap.

socomnick3794d ago

Capcom > konami

Resident evil > Anything konami has

darkside3794d ago

ever heard of METAL GEAR???? dude Capcom has nothing on Konami


KeMoBLUE3794d ago

@ socomnick.......AHAHAHAHAHAHA that was funny "resident evi> anything konami has. MGS, PES, castlevania and silent hill are better than anything capcom has. that made my day. LMAO

socomnick3794d ago

I prefer Resident Evil 5 over mgs 4.
Resident Evil 4 was so awesome that im sure 5 will be great also.

THC CELL3794d ago

socomnick so u played Mgs 4 have u

dont be daft

dont get me wrong resident evil is awesome but dont judge till u play ok

socomnick3794d ago

noooo I haven't but I have played 1 through 3 and I still say Resident Evil 4 kicks all their arses combined. Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece.

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The story is too old to be commented.