Crysis 2: Xbox 360 Final Build Looking Solid

The final build version is looking solid.

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Robearboy2822d ago

Well it just goes to show that the 360 wasn't maxed out in 2007

gameseveryday2822d ago

Well in 2008 Epic games claimed they had maxed out the Xbox 360 :S

doctorstrange2822d ago

Always claim to have maxed out consoles, its great advertising for their game

ManiacMansion2822d ago

Square Enix also told that with FF13 and Kojima with MGS4

Fishy Fingers2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

If hardware is hitting 100% load its been "maxed out", doesnt mean it's peaked, it's as much about software as it is hardware.

PS3/360 have beeen "maxed out" countless times, yet there is still progression. It's just another internet 'buzz' thing to say.

Active Reload2822d ago

I've seriously never read or heard Epic saying they've maxed something out. I've heard and read them say they're pushing something to it's limits, but those two phrases have two different meanings.

kancerkid2822d ago

I think I would be able to tell the game looked good if the pix were not so damn compressed.

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8thnightvolley2822d ago

The 360 shouldnt EVER be insulted by ps3 fans in terms of saying its a weak system.. coz now they are pretty much eating their words.. hard, crysis2 just proves the console is a dormant beast that can do what ps3 can do if only done right.

unreal engine 3 maxing out a console is laughable.

now we see crysis2 think of kingdoms by crytek.. how awesome will that look as an exclusive.

lochdoun2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Good point about Kingdoms. I can't wait to see what Crytek can do with the 360 as an exclusive platform.
I'm also looking forward to what Lionhead can do with their new mesh technology.
Also 343 Industries with their new engine. Corinne Yu is working on the new Halo engine so it should be amazing.

siyrobbo2822d ago

lionhead are going to be using unreal engine

cyborg2822d ago

and it's probably the best looking Xbox 360 title I've ever seen. More than solid, it looks awesome.

paintsville2822d ago

PC version will obiviously be the best but 360 will come close and leave the others in the dust, as is usual. Better frame rates, better anti-aliasing, better shadows, better transparancies, better ssao (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), less tearing, and no "Mandatory" installs. Man this machine just keeps getting better and better and better.

El-Fenemeno12132822d ago

is the story gripping? I really need a new game and I'm still on the fence with this one.

SnakeMustDie2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

The ending is haunting in a good way but it gives clues that Crysis will have more sequels.

"They call me Prophet" What's with the optimus prime voice at the end?

Shubhankar2822d ago

Looks great, though I think the PC version is still going to be the best.

ELite_Ghost2822d ago

it will be the best, if ur comp is over 800$.
Otherwise it'll be pretty much the same on my asus g51vx with GTX260M and Q9000 cpu.

ikral2822d ago

When I start to play it, last thing on my mind will be to compare it with other versions. I'll leave that to kids, I have other stuff to do.

dkgshiz2822d ago

How many Crysis 2 articles do we need?

HeavenlySnipes2822d ago

137, we've yet to reach that cap so we're still going....

maxcer2822d ago

just wait one week after the game is released there won't be anymore crysis2 articles. just like what happened with GT5, KZ3, haloReach or any other hyped up game.

its amazing how quickly the drones on this site forget, just look at all the "no games" bs people have been spreading around. its like once a game has been released it falls off the face of the planet and no one is allowed to buy it or play it after the calendar hits January 1st of the new year.

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