OXM: Seven Reasons We Don't Need a New Xbox

At GDC this month, Epic Games invited the universe at large to say "hello" to its vision of the next generation of gaming graphics, as realised by a massively upgraded version of Unreal Engine 3. Said vision turned out to be moody, unshaven, partial to the odd cigarette or 10 and not very amicably disposed towards giant "Samaritan" robots, especially when they pick on innocent old ladies.

The demo was widely considered Epic's way of subtly urging Microsoft, Sony and co to get a bleedin' move on with the next generation of gaming tech.

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Winning2586d ago

"Hardware advances cost developers time and cash"

This is why 2013/14 sounds about perfect to roll out the new big dogs. Current games are costly enough as it is

AGamerOfConsoles2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I agree. It will actually harder for Microsoft to differentiate it from 360 as well because it could just have what PS3/360 have with better graphics.

MS needs a really good lineup for me to buy one. I think 2013 is around a good point.

tehpees32586d ago

M$ will probably do a new Xbox and then abandon Kinect like they did 360 and Xbox. They just want $$$$

Kingdom Come2586d ago

So Microsoft are only interested in money because they developed a motion controlled appliance for the Xbox 360? So, what makes Sony so different?

B1663r2586d ago

Chewbacca lives on Endor therefore Kinect is a failure...

plb2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

But the same games on PC already look way better than console eg cryis2, bfbc2, bulletstorm, bf3, etc etc even cod for same price or cheaper.

theonlylolking2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

1. The tech is NOT high tec enough. Crysis 2 and BF3 are destroying consoles now.

2.Storage is expensive. For $70 I could get a 1tb hard drive while on amazon a 250gb original 360 hard drive is $70.

3.New peripherals do not need a chance to shine. What needs to shine are the games on a console. You should not bring in new accessories unless you can back it up with games casual and hardcore will play.

4.Hardware development cost DO take time and cash but cryengine 3, UE3 and frostbite 2 are already next gen ready.If the PS4 or the next xbox uses practically the same infrastructure as the PS3 and xbox 360 then many game engines that have been created this gen can be used and upgraded.

5.Some games would really excel if new upgraded hardware came out

6.DX9 is outdated

7.Many people want next gen to come soon(2013)

NoobJobz2586d ago

I certainly wouldnt mind a new console soon. I have no problems with mine at the moment, but Im a sucker for new consoles.

plb2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Not sure why you get disagrees. The only games that wow me graphics wise these days are PC games. This Guy speaks the truth. Kz3 while good looking on consoles is beaten by even cod PC version. Anyone who says otherwise clearly isn't into PC gaming.

Skynetone2586d ago

Crysis 2 and BF3 are destroying consoles now

Two games which are not even out on pc, are destroying consoles, both of which can be done on a console very well, theres next to nothing on pc which cant be done on consoles

i personally believe a new generation of graphics cards is needed before consoles go next gen,

theonlylolking2586d ago

I named those 2 because on PC they do more than on consoles by a large margin. MW2 also beats the consoles COD, BFBC2 beats the consoles BFBC2, etc...

Bear_Grylls2586d ago

But Crysis 2 and BF3 are pathetic on consoles?

Almost like demo versions lol.

Robearboy2586d ago

I want a new console to be released soon, I dont get that WOW factor with any games been released now, dont get me wrong I can see that some of them look fantastic but thats because I compare them to games already out on the current consoles, the last thing I saw that made my jaw drop was the BF3 demo, I want that feeling everytime I see new screenshots/demos

NoobJobz2586d ago

I remember thinking WOW during the early stages of 360. Games like CoD2 and Gears impressed me back then. If I go back and play them now, they look like crap.

NoobJobz2586d ago

Maybe I will. That was one of those earlier games that impressed me as well.

lochdoun2586d ago

Gears 1 still holds up.
COD2, not so much...

Neo Nugget2586d ago

I have a feeling Microsoft will add Xbox Live PLATINUM when they push a new console out.

*Note: Xbox Live Platinum required to play Halo, Gears of War and uhhh...well you get the picture.

NoobJobz2586d ago

Maybe. They could have 3 tiers. Silver, Gold, Platinum and platinum will allow you to download a certain number of free DLC for any particular game. Maybe a free map pack or something like that.

Bear_Grylls2586d ago

You said free DLC from MS...

FREE FROM MS are you kidding?


NoobJobz2585d ago

Well yeah. If you pay more for a platinum service you would get some free DLC since you are paying more.

Solid_Snake-2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

@neo nugget...grow up you pathetic fanboy.

@tehpees3 saying microsoft abandoned the xbox is a damn right lie.

who gave backwards compatability xbox360 or ps3......thought so and who kept servers going for xbox originals.

sony said fuck it well shut the online down on nearly every ps2 game and dont offer them to play there old games on the ps3....instead they charge you £30 for a hd version.


Fishy Fingers2586d ago

I'd be happy to see the next gen sooner rather than later.

I guess it all comes down to your opinion of value/worth, personally I believe I've already got my moneys worth out of the current consoles and I'll happily drop what I consider a small amount of money on the next gen.

GiggMan2586d ago

I agree, I have both system and have had them since launch. My launch 20 gig pro is still kicking (knocks on wood) and my old school back compatible PS3 is working fine. I feel as if I have gotten my moneys worth out of both of them.

I don't see anything wrong with ushering in a new hardware era and keeping the current gen going as well. The people who complain about price will raise hell but others wouldn't mind seeing another piece of hardware.

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