Game Character Showdown - Bout #14 (Nariko vs. Ada Wong / Mega Man vs. Batman)

GameDynamo - "Mega Man took out Master Chief in round one, making him a serious contender in the tournament and Batman pulled off a close victory over Half Life’s Gordon Freeman. Now these two face off in an odd yet interesting matchup. Both are famed characters, but Mega Man has been in far more good games than the dark knight. And we can only imagine how awesome it would be to see Mega Man assimilate Batman’s gadgets into his own arsenal after victory. But it’s Batman we’re talking about. Is he really going to go down to a half-pint cyborg? "

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jadenkorri2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

batman gonna beat mega man, batman's gonna pull an emp off his belt. Then gonna punch Mega Man in the face.

Goomb2560d ago

Mega Man is going down! Go Batman and Nariko!

RedPawn2560d ago

I love Batman and Mega Man is my fav video game character of all time, but Bats has those smarts.