GameSpot gives 3/10 to Wii NBA Live 08

The Good
* Perfectly harmless if you don't unwrap it
* Good commentary.

The Bad
* Controls don't really work
* Gameplay is a mess
* Graphics are terrible
* AI is lousy
* Most everything else.

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skynidas4084d ago

the wii, i dont know how the hell it sells so good if it is a piece of 5h1t

CyberSentinel4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

It's becoming VERY profitable, isn't it?

secret4084d ago

Let's take a moment to remember how Gamepro & EGM told you to buy a Wii instead of a PS3.

Let's take a moment to remember how a few months ago, they both awarded the Wii over the PS3, with Gamepro even giving the Wii a "B" grade in games and game selection over the PS3's "C" grade in games. How many good games have you found on the Wii compared to the PS3?

How do you feel about Gamepro and EGM now? Are they honest?

Most likely, the Wii is successful thanks to these guy's hype (look at Halo 3's perfect 10's in graphics? Right. Cry wolf once. Okay. Cry wolf twice? I don't think so.)

The Wii is most likely successful because it can also be seen as not a competiting product where you have to either buy one console and forgoe the other. It's successful because it can be viewed as "complementary" item that goes with your new PS3 or XBOX360 (most xbox360 owners will buy a Wii rather than PS3 owners, in the same way that amost all xbox360 owners are forced to buy a standalone bluray player with the PS3 being the best candidate because it plays games and HD-DVD has no movies).

Also, most people like the Wii's family friendly "revolution" in gaming themes and it's emphasis on physical movements and good health.

The PS3 with its motions sensors and eye toy can provide the same features as the Wii, but with more modern graphics. It's a more robust and balanced gaming machine.

xxjeran123xx4084d ago

it's not the Wii that sucks, its EA who doesn't want to put any effort into making their games and only hoping that people will buy this piece of junk.

unsunghero284084d ago

Whoever gave you disagrees:


also bubbles to xxjeran for being right.

skynidas4084d ago

well im sure that some stupid will buy this 5h1tty game

xxjeran123xx4084d ago

of course.. it'll sell 100,000 copies and people will love it. That's how messed up this gaming industry is.

EZCheez4084d ago

OUCH. That's below the belt.

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The story is too old to be commented.