Uncharted: GameVideos vs GameTrailers Comparison

Side by side screenshot comparison of the same Uncharted: Drake's Fortune video posted by GameVideos and GameTrailers with different graphics settings.

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skynidas4089d ago

they look really different

secret4089d ago

They tweak / calibrate screenshots for xbox360 games versus PS3 games in the same way, to purposely make one appear better than the others. Microsoft Smoke & Mirrors.

However, some people can look beyond the smoke & mirrors and see the truth. Others continue to drool and gaze in awe and amazement at the smoke & mirrors and fog. C'mon, you know which group you belong to, xbox360. They're even fooled into thinking that they're console is the least expensive. Right.

I remember during Gamespot's xbox360 / PS3 comparison shots, they'd force the PS3 on component cables instead of HDMI cables to slow down the PS3 to match the xbox360's then maximum connection option. That's like saying, "let's see whether the guy in the wheelchair can go faster than the guy without the wheechair. Oh, but wait, let's handicap the non-disabled guy and put him in a wheelchair to make it fair." What's the purpose of the race then? I thought we wanted to see if the disabled guy can go faster than the non-disabled guy.

That's like racing an xbox360 Toyota supra with a maximum speed of 60mph with the Black 400-800mph PS3 lamborghinni. But there's a catch. We'll only allow the PS3 to run at 60mph in this race. What's the purpose of the race then if you're going to limit the PS3 to 60mph?

Heaven_Or_Hell4089d ago

Do they have a different build of the game ?
In Gametrailers there's no self-shasow while GameVideos, yes.

NRG4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

There's definitely some sort of self-shadowing going on there. It's just that it's a lot more complex and not the hard shadows we're used to seeing in games. The sun also looks like it's in a different position, and they are standing in the shade of the structure.

JasonXE4089d ago

use to record it. That's my guess but could also be the t.v ...

skynidas4089d ago

in the images of the right side they look darker

TheExecutive4089d ago

the lighting is different... there is direct sunlight in one, not in the other.

mighty_douche4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

these are not from the same built, graphics settings on a console are very basic, pretty much just resolution, that cant possibly make for such a huge difference.

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The story is too old to be commented.