Xbox 360 to Remain Ahead of PS3 in 2011, says Pachter

With a great lineup of exclusives this year from Sony, some have declared 2011 the year of the PS3, but in recent months, NPD data shows Xbox 360 to be selling a good deal better than PS3. Will PS3's upcoming lineup of titles help reverse this trend for the balance of the year, or is the Kinect momentum too strong for Sony to overcome? IG asked Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter for his take.

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Christopher2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

360 will remain ahead of the PS3 forever based solely on NPD data. Worldwide may be a whole other thing, though.

Pixelated_Army2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Oh god no not Pachter! Has he ever been right about anything? Post a link to the article if he has, I'll wait.

Brianna2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Pachter is a sad 360 fanboy but in this case he's right

by the end of 2010 the gap in sales was almost 3 million and PS3 has been outselling the 360 worlwide at a rate of 2 million a year

so it will take a little more than a year for the PS3 send the 360 to the last place even with an extra year on the market, most likely it'll be around Q2 2012

ImHereNow2796d ago

this Pachter been hitting the nail on the head lately

lelo2play2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

"Xbox 360 to Remain Ahead of PS3 in 2011, says Pachter"

In America... Yes.

World sales... No.
PS3 will sell more simply due to it's exclusives.

X360 needs more exclusives.

Anon19742796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

And they start off talking about US data as well, which is usually what Pacther sticks to as he's a US analyst. Worldwide, 2011 will most likely be the year the PS3 overtakes the 360 in sales numbers. For install base, the PS3 looks like it's already pulled ahead, probably due to the sheer amount of 360's sold that are no longer being played due to hardware issues. We're seeing more and more evidence of this in the financials of software developers.

When you consider that even with the 360S, the price cut on old 360's, Halo Reach and Kinect's success, that the 360 still wasn't able to outperform the PS3 worldwide, why would we suddenly expect it to now that Kinect hype has started to subside? Probably would have happened sooner too if it weren't for the fact that it was the most expensive console during the worst worldwide economic downturn since the great depression.

Blad3star2796d ago

But if the 360 is doing this good with out exclusives can you imagine how much it would sell with exclusives.

Just saying.

xstation792796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Really? What exclusives have been selling on the ps3 other than gt5? The 360 has alot of exclusives, just not in 2011 so far

winflasher02796d ago


"What exclusives have been selling on the ps3 other than gt5? The 360 has alot of exclusives, just not in 2011 so far"

1)If PS3 exlusives didn't sell, how would they get sequels?

2)Just not in 2011 so far? Your still in denial about microsoft announcing more exclusives hardcore games?

lee_ten2796d ago

xstation79: name them.

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sikbeta2796d ago

I'd believe that if Patcher said the opposite XD

Brianna2796d ago

Sony already overcame the Kinect momentum by outselling the 360 during the holidays 2010

Rynx2796d ago

If Patcher is really going on a month by month basis for NPD then let's talk strategy.

To humor Patcher's statement. In order for PS3 to come out on top again in NPD's numbers all it needs is another price drop.

$250 would be the highly probable price drop SONY will make and it will be a good boost for the PS3 in NA. Sure 360 might get another price drop and reclaim a few more months in NA, but let's face it. You can't ignore the world.

Investors and shareholders don't just look at their neighborhood, especially if you're going to invest in a multinational corporation like SONY. So even if Microsoft comes out on top in NA for 2011, I don't see how SONY is not going to outsell it worldwide once again. And with this impending price drop it's a guarantee that it will.

I mean let's think for a second here people. If someone is investing in Microsoft's game division, sure they're going to see their success in NA, but do you guys honestly think that they are going to be oblivious over what's happening in Japan with 360 sales? Just look at Media Create's chart of February.

The PS3 nearly sold doubled what the Wii did, and nearly outsold the 360 ten fold!

Will the 360 come out on top in NA? Probably and it won't surprised me.

But with the potential PS3 price drop, will the 360 claim a landslide victory? I highly doubt that. Marginal at best, but not anything to "celebrate" and gloat over. Once year end 2011 sale numbers roll around, it will paint a different picture altogether.

etowntwo2796d ago

You forget that the 360 is due for a price drop too.

The 360S still holds the same prices of $199 and $299 as the previos 360's.

Rynx2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


Really bro? Did you not read past the second line break of my comment?

I clearly mentioned it. "Sure 360 might get another price drop and reclaim a few more months in NA..."

lol @ your agrees. Looks like they share your ability to miss that information too.

otherZinc2796d ago

Of course the 360 will stay ahead of the PS3 in 2011, not only that but for the rest of this gen.

& yes, NPD is the most important because America owns 2 thirds of the market.

BubbleSniper2796d ago


i lol too cuz once price drop? i expect teh salez gapz

2 dwindle 2 nothing

NPD or not. bettin on ps3

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lastdual2796d ago

It no longer matters who's "winning".

If you're a 3rd party, you're going to support both platforms, because both of them have a large enough install base to make it worth your while.

AGamerOfConsoles2796d ago

Its actually a good thing because aside from particular content like exclusive DLC everyone is getting the game so everyone is a winner.

I also expect some Nintendo migration as well since they will also have a potential fanbase for the third parties.

BubblesDAVERAGE2796d ago

@lastdual you are right overall it will be 1 nintendo
2 sony 3 MS....

insomnium22796d ago

DID 8 funny persons just disagree with you bubbles? My god that is sick. Do you people actually think PS3 won't outsell x360 in lifetime sales? That is just sick OMG!

etowntwo2796d ago

"My god that is sick. Do you people actually think PS3 won't outsell x360 in lifetime sales? That is just sick OMG!"

lol ... there really are some silly kids on this site.

Yes ... I think the 360 can continue ahead of PS3.
Reason being:

blockbuster exclusives .... (not one 2011 PS3 exclusive is going to come close to Gears 3. Happens every year ... just like last year with Reach)

Kinnect ... It's still going strong, Feb NPD sales proved that and with many Kinnect exclusives this year ... the hype train will continue.

Price drop .... Just as Ps3 is due for a price drop, so is the 360. The arcade and elite have been at $199 and $299 for about two years.

citan2796d ago

Somebody buy this moron a globe.