Crysis 2 multiplayer holds on to Timesplitters' values

Crytek executive producer Hasit Zala may have left his role as lead programmer on Timesplitters behind for now, but he still carries core Free Radical design concepts with him when it comes to Crysis 2's multiplayer features

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jjohan352498d ago

Yes, use timesplitters' values, not haze's values please.

sikbeta2498d ago

Damn Haze, what a curse XD Crytek UK, ex Free Radical, also ex Rare employees created an amazing game like TimeSplitters, hope some day we can play TS4

HOSe2498d ago

crytek would be stupid not to make a new timesplitters game.

once upon a time it was said that they were going to release a ts2 hd for psn/live. where is that? ill take that over a new game for the time being.

ps. comparing timesplitters to the crap that is crysis 2 mp is embarrassing.

Star_Waters2498d ago

well i didn't see any monkeys while playing the multiplayer demo on 360, so i dont know how they can say that, :p

ShabbaRanks2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I played the multiplayer demo on both console versions and it rocks... The only thing I dont like is the multiple cod aspects, like the killstreaks and other stuff... But other then that its very unique in its not unique way, but still a bit unique ;-)

Like a mix of mirrors edge, halo (swat gametype) and a touch of cod and what you get is a badass game... I felt like the ultimate soldier... Definitly getting it tomorrow and Im not saying on witch console :-P

Mista T2497d ago

they tried their best, if they changed it too much it wouldn't be Crysis anymore :P

Mista T2497d ago

Crytek UK, please make Timesplitters 4!!!!!

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