The Gaming Curmudgeon: Shooter Fatigue

The Married Gamers writer, John Catuira, describes his occasional fatigue with the "spazz" shooter and the monthly glut of shooters that has him seeking other types of games available on the the Xbox 360 and elsewhere.

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jeseth2801d ago

I understand exactly what this author is saying.

It reached a breaking point with Black Ops around Christmas time. From the start I thought Black Ops was more shovelware than a throughly thought out and developed game. I grew increasingly tired and impatient with it and eventually realized I was just sick and tired of the same crap being forced down my throat.

So I gave it up. And I haven't looked back.

I bought KZ3 and loved the SP but didn't even touch the MP because I just don't have the urge to play any more online shooters.

Since I threw Black Ops back to Gamestop I've played so many awesome games and got back to what I grew up on. Excellent single player games, action and rpgs. GT5 came out and I caught a ton of crap because I wouldn't play COD with my friends. But I found myself having more fun and being in an overall better mood. GT5, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, a 3rd playthrough of Dragon Age : Origins.

But I digress. Online shooters for the most part have become, just the same old thing over and over. No great stories or characters to care about. I am also wondering what will happen once Socom 4 comes out and later down the road MW3 and BF3.

We'll see. But for now I'm finishing ME2 and have DA2 in its wrapper waiting to go. Then inFamous2, The Show, Uncharted 3, Batman AC, etc.

SP games are still what makes games great IMO. Its like going back to the days of NES, SNES, Sega, etc. where its just you, you main character and a great quest.

GamerSciz2801d ago

Personally, I have 0 interest in MW3 if they are indeed using the same old rehashed crap glitchy of an engine that has been used since the first modern warfare. Battlefield 3 though is being built on the latest and greatest Frostbite 2.0 engine and so far what I have seen has me very excited and eager to see more. However I am a console and PC gamer and I usually only play shooters on console if they are exclusive to it, otherwise I am a PC shooter all the way.

telekineticmantis2801d ago

Especially FPS's. For some reason everything with a First person view and a gun gets tons of credit for minut achievements in gameplay and story, many of which have been done in other genres already, leading to the whole industry putting all their efforts and resources into that genre. I really look at the scores for the FPS genre vs all other genre's and i'm disgusted at how many games are percieved to be inferior to COD games, when those games don't really leave a memorable impact on you. There's very few FPS's with interesting stories, Half Life, Halo CE & 2, Bioshock 1&2, Resistance 1&2, yet plenty of shooters get such high praise from the media, Forgeting and discrediting how many great games fall out of the title "Shooter".

ITLoo2800d ago

I totally agree. I look at my game shelf and realize that the majority of my games are shooters, even though I wouldn't classify shooters as being what I play the most. Whenever a shooter comes out I tend to wait for the general consensus before buying it. Do you think that most gamers gravitate more towards shooters?