Saving Content - Bulletstorm Review


"I recommend that you listen to the song “Boom” by P.O.D. while reading this review. That song is Bulletstorm in a nutshell: a crazy-ass, over-the-top, hellzone of gunfire, explosions, and bromance. I can guarantee that unless you’re a soccer mom, there is something in Bulletstorm that will make you smile, or more.

Bulletstorm is a first person shooter with a twist: You get points for everything you do, and even more points if you do it well. The skillshots, or special kills, are hilarious and fun. There are skillshots for shooting certain parts a certain way, combining certain things, or using weapons other than guns."

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deadoralive13372825d ago

This was not ground-breaking or anything, but very fun and entertaining, which is what I always look for in a game.

Jonah_Reese2825d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot. Played it on the 360, very fun; not groundbreaking at all but It felt good to just do and not think "oh there's a turret over there? Should I get cover? Heck No RUUUN!!! towards him". It's a great weekend game. If you had some type of gripe against it, put that behind you and play it. I wish I played it on the PS3 though, I wanted the trophies. But screw that.