The stunning world of Milo & Kate: 62 screens from GDC demo

Lionhead's dormant Milo & Kate Kinect game boasts billions of polygons, thanks to a new proprietary tool created by the studio.Want evidence that the title's world is a treat for the eyes? Look no further.

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Wizziokid2704d ago

there still going with this? I though it was canned

DelbertGrady2704d ago

I think it's always been more of a tech playground than a fullblown game. Just because it isn't going to be on sale doesn't mean they have to can it.

Robearboy2704d ago

I think we are looking at the next Gen visuals right there.

catguykyou2704d ago

Considering its running on a stock 360 at 3fps, I wouldn't call it next gen. Imagine how amazing things would look on next gen with this "mega mesh" technique though.

Robearboy2704d ago

Well if that is 360 then i am gob smacked, those screenshots look stunning

catguykyou2704d ago

oops, sorry for missing 0. 30fps. I wonder if that's why it got 4 disagrees.

Fishy Fingers2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Not really fair, PC doesnt conform to the "gen" labels.

These screens are nice, but nothing I wouldnt expect from the current console hardware.

InTheKnow2704d ago

The tech demo was meant to show some of the ideas that Lionhead and Microsoft have been working on. The lighting, depth of field, smoothing of edges and compression issues are just some of the things that have them excited. If any of it actualy makes it into a game remains to be seen BUT everything that is discovered by Microsoft is passed on to the developers that are making games on the 360.

The reason for the cartoony look is that at the time Lionhead was working on the Milo demo and built a world through the eyes of a small child. They did admit that Pixar was a strong influence, you can tell. If you search the recent Lionhead GDC talk, it will make your head hurt with techno-babble. Needless to say, you will see some of this tech in the neat future.

Here's the actual video. They had pushed the xbox 360 graphics engine so far that there was no room for any audio. Now thats a tech demo, It's called Mega Meshes.

Corrwin2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

See the stunning scenes of the stunning stunner stunning stun stun game of stunning development stun values!


Edit: Nice tech demo. I remember something similar coming with my GeForce 256 card 10 years ago.

2704d ago
metsgaming2704d ago

rofl, i needed a good laugh

Corrwin2703d ago

The Xbox 360 certainly has more letter in its name.

Is that what you were getting at?

2704d ago
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