Orange Box Unlocks at Midnight Wednesday, October 10th + TV Spot

Valve has sent word that Half-Life 2: The Orange Box will be unleashed at midnight:

"We'll be unlocking The Orange Box products just after midnight Pacific time next week on the 10th of October. Lots of people have been having a lot of fun with the Team Fortress 2 beta, so we're looking forward to seeing what people think of Portal and Episode Two. The Orange Box will also be available at North American game retailers later on the 10th, for both PC and Xbox 360."

[That means 12AM on the West Coast and 3AM on the East Coast in the United States.]

For now, enjoy this Orange Box TV trailer.

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skynidas4084d ago

this game is going to be awesome

picker3324084d ago

lol little bit overhyped!Tf2 is kind of fun but not that fun,And the Portal is just like a Hl2 mod or something and well Hl2 Episode 2 is gonna be short like every hl games...But 50,60dollars eint so much for 3 games,if you count portal as a game.I know i don't but ye ye later...

marc 19754084d ago

one of the best games ever!pure class!

PimpHandHappy4084d ago

i only played HL2 and i didnt really play that much of it.

Quickstrike4084d ago

i was at gamestop the other day and saw that the orange box isnt coming out on the PS3 till november :(

SuperSaiyan44084d ago

Its Half Life 2! Its OLD!! The game is just being re-released AGAIN typical of EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.