Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC Review says: "Battlefield is a HUGE franchise, posting record sales numbers and a very large fan following including myself. When Bad Company 2 was released the VIP members had gotten a couple extra weapons: M911 pistol, M1 Garand, and Thompson Machine Gun. Most, if not all of the fans should have realized something was coming with the weird addition of these weapons. At first thought I really thought it would lead to a WWII DLC in some way, only because they are WWII weapons."

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GrumpyVeteran2821d ago

What's the population of this game like now (The vietnam expansion)

bumnut2821d ago

dropping every day, still games available but not sure for how much longer.

I have the pc version btw

Pixel_Pusher2821d ago

Still very much active on the PS3 I have no problem finding a match. Awesome DLC by the way.

TheGamingExperience2821d ago

All systems are still very active, especially the PC