Game developers want DirectX to 'go away,' says AMD man

Like a pesky video game villain that just won't go away, Microsoft's DirectX has been a mainstay of mainstream PC gaming pretty much since the inception.

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BeastlyRig2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

If devs make games like BF3 then no! I would love to see optimized & maxed out gpus but Nvidia & Amd want to release a card every few month which I think is not really needed to play a game you already maxed out with the last card!!

something needs to change imo..

Why not release a new card every 3 1/2 years & sell current cards for cheaper over the long haul selling more cards in the end of the 3 1/2 years?

in other words set a standard of cards for each generation.. maybe 6 cards with same architecture 3 from each company! (low end, mid range, high end)

If they took full advantage of a gtx 580 we would be good for a couple of years!

if everybody had a gtx 550 - gtx 580 or a HD6950 - HD6970
I think life would be easier & more efficient for devs!

lmao amd & nvidia are killing better performance with better performance very 5-6 month! If that makes sense..

whydoyouask2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

No it makes sense...Like the new card AMD just released? the HD 6990? the thing is an absolute monster...but who is going to buy a $600 dollar card when most games don't even stress a 5870 like i have?

BeastlyRig2823d ago

Yeah & if the planned to sell 5870's for 3 1/2 year it could be cheaper when released so more people can get into pc gaming & they would still sell a lot of cards over the years!

I used to get excited when new cards come & now it's just meh to have a beast of a gpu to play console ports. :(