Uncharted 3 Split-Screen Multiplayer Confirmed?

The suave ladies’ man that is Nathan Drake is set to return this November in his latest outing that will see him battle the harsh terrain of the Arabian Desert in search for the fabled Atlantis of the Sands. Though will he be making this journey alone?

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movements2708d ago

That would be the joy of my gaming life.

Active Reload2708d ago

Looks like there will be split-screen to me.

tehpees32708d ago

Hopefully true. Uncharted 3 will have absolutely no complaints from me if true.

crxss2707d ago

flippin' awesome! lets hope it's both split screen co-op (single player story and those dumb co-op missions) and split screen multiplayer!

if it's all of those than Uncharted 3 will automatically be better than Uncharted 1+2. Those were really the only things missing from the other ones.

inveni02707d ago

This would be awesome.

Co-op IS multiplayer. I think you mean that it would be nice if it were both splitscreen co-op and splitscreen versus.

Agent VX2707d ago

Great adventure game for "One" person, can't see how this can compete or be good in a multiplayer game.

pixelsword2707d ago

@ agentvx:

you obviously haven't played Uncharted's or Gears if you can't see the potential of a shootout using two players.

nickjkl2707d ago

i find it funny how no a days in video games the story has to make sense for their to be split screen

back in the days of the n64 it didnt have to make sense wanted split screen drop another player in there

now its the story doesn't make sense for there to be split screen like hes alone in the dessert

inveni02707d ago

I actually agree to a certain extent. If a game is fun (Uncharted, inFamous, etc), let us enjoy it with our friends, children, etc. I almost bought two copies of Uncharted 2 so that I could co-op with my son. Splitscreen would rock. Even if we both ran through the main campaign as Nathan Drake. Screw the story. That would just be awesome.

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sikbeta2708d ago

I miss the good days playing split-screen co-op, it's totally welcome Naughty Dog, do it please!

midgard2272708d ago

this is tru. i play cod strictly offline splitscreen

thehitman2707d ago

I remember ps2 days I use to play 007 Nightfire I had the PS2 Multitap and use to play with 4 people and bots on highest difficulty was fun as hell playing w/ friends and family. Now no game or almost no game even supports bots with split screen its pretty sad how all devs only push online aspect and forget about the offline aspect.

NiKK_4192707d ago

Lol cod is better offline, no lag

Vherostar2707d ago

Splitscreen offline is king mate I still love TS2 4 player splitscreen on PS2 there is for me no better FPS experience out there today. Online gaming just isn't the same.

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egidem2708d ago

If this is true, this is big news. Split screen multiplayer has been dying quite a lot lately.

undercovrr2708d ago

Yeah ,and I don't understand why...I mean, one of the best parts of gaming is bringing a buddy or two over and playing on the couch split screen. Remember the good old times with Goldeneye?

egidem2708d ago

Goldeneye is and will always be the best split screen multiplayer game I have ever played. It was so ahead of its time...I spent who knows how many hours playing that game. Best experiences of my gaming life during that era. Sadly, split screen has been dying at the hand of online multiplayer.

Vherostar2707d ago

TS2 is still the best split screen fps for consoles to date.

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FACTUAL evidence2708d ago

Features to make UC3 a BEAST:

Split screen MP
Split screen story Co-op
Online story co-op
Custom soundtracks
x game invites like COD/SSF4

BiggCMan2708d ago

Definitely don't want co-op for the story. Uncharted is very story driven game that should be played by yourself, and be completely immersed in the world around you. I think they had it right with 2 where there were separate missions to do with 3 people online. I really like that idea, and I think they should improve on that, make it bigger, longer etc, more things to do etc..

smashman982708d ago

if they build the story around multiplayer im sure it would work just fine

telekineticmantis2708d ago

for me, selectable weapons, more weapons in general, including the creative ones from SP.

ForceCSW2708d ago

Personally I think they should take a page out of Killzone's book and put in an operations type game-mode. Think of how awesome that would be with the animations found in Uncharted.

WesMcLaren2707d ago

No need for custom soundtracks, Uncharted has some of the best music and effects around.

DaTruth2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

If you feel that way, you can just not play it splitscreen! I will always choose options over no option!

One day, I will have played the game 10 times alone and that world won't be as immersive as it once was. On that day, it'll still be fun as hell fighting side by side with a friend on the same couch!

MaxXAttaxX2707d ago

As far as I'm aware, you can invite anyone who's online at any time.
They just have to get off the game they're currently playing and switch to the game they were invited to.

bobrea2707d ago

Why are people so crazy about in-game soundtracks? Don't you have a computer or an ipod you can just play your music on while you game?

MaxXAttaxX2707d ago

I agree.

Playing your own music is fine when you're playing a sports or racing game.

But games like this have an original soundtrack that is tailored for every moment in the game.

HappyGaming2707d ago

Uncharted 3 Story Co Op will not work.

It is not an option when the game is built around a feature.

In order to have Story Co Op the whole story needs to follow 2 or more of the characters around. That means Sully could never get trapped under a falling tree while you have to go rescue him.

Drake could never get locked in an under ground pyramid all on his own with the mummies.

Elena could not jump out of a plane half way through a level with a parachute and rescue Drake.

You have to plan the whole story to keep all 3 of the characters busy creating 3 different games in the process and removing Drake from his James Bond suit.

How can you be James Bond when the other 2 or more characters in the game have just as much of an exciting story of their own as you do? Drake would just be another guy from the gang.

jetlian2707d ago

pretty much every level in the past uncharted games had 2 people present in every scene

Lamarthedancer2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )


Who the hell wants ND to change the way they tell stories just to so people can play co-op in the campagin

It wouldn't work end of.

People should just be grateful it has co-op missions online.


Not every level there was a balence of alone missions aswell.....which most people loved because it was just you against them without anyone covering your back. Single player gamers who love Uncharted don't want an AI following you around for the entire game. If you want that go play RE5

jetlian2706d ago

play whatever I want and I want coop.

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MrAwesome2708d ago

It would be a welcomed long as they don't do the same mistake as RE5 did, It's Naughty Dog so I doubt they would do that simple mistake to 'over include' co-op.

Joni-Ice2708d ago

I just hope its split screen online.

damnyouretall2707d ago

hey thats pretty damn cool. alot of games have it, but this is a nice feature to have with one of the biggest games of the year

Hairy Chewie2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

One of the dev's said that for Killzone 3, because it had 3D, they already had to render everything twice so it was pretty easy to include split-screen. I guess same deal goes for Uncharted.

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Emilio_Estevez2708d ago

Would be awesome, still skeptical though, not too convincing.

Axecution2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Yeah seriously. xD The video is like 10 frames skipping over 5 seconds. It could easily just be a bunch of photoshopped pictures put together. It's like, why did the person recording only record the top part of the screen? It's not like Naughty Dog would be stupid enough to let somebody record split screen if they were keeping it secret.

Blogger: "I'll only record the top half of the screen guys, it'll look like its single player dont worry!"

Naughty Dog: "Oh okay"

Blogger: *Starts recording*
*Finishes recording after 5 seconds*
"Got my 5 seconds of skipping single player footage. This is AWESOME."

Naughty Dog: "Hey any time man, just dont let people know we have split screen k? :D"

like wtf. This is obviously fake. xD

Sitris2707d ago

You missed the point, this video is viewable in the behind scenes video released by naughty dog themselves, go check it out. Behind the scenes teaser trailer uncharted 3. Should be the video with the dogs walking around, can't remember where the clip takes place, but it definitely is viewable in the official videos.

GodofwarGoty2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

knowing naughty dog i dont think these is false from what we have seen naught dog do i dont think split screen would be a problem with the talent and amazing team

Lamarthedancer2708d ago

I wonder what that is in the top left hand corner underneathn the gun/ammo you have, those round things look like medals