Canceled Perfect Dark Sequel Uncovered by Unseen64

Unseen64 looks into the canceled sequel to Perfect Dark.

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Mista T2588d ago

screw Rare, someone needs to buy the Perfect Dark IP. If that were the case I would hope that Crytek would buy the IP so that Crytek UK could create a sequel.

Crytek UK used to be Free Radical and they made Timesplitters and a lot of the devs were the guys who made the original Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.

One can dream eh? :)

AGamerOfConsoles2588d ago

If MS shut down Rare Nintendo would probably end up buying them because regardless of where the developers went Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark etc are all seen as Nintendo's games by a lot of people.

It was Nintendo that made Rare what they were and it was their touch that made them stand out. It was clear the second Grabbed By the Ghoulies came out.

Mista T2588d ago

Yeah that too I guess, but Nintendo would need to build up a Rare team again

Wenis2588d ago

Its still so sad what happened to Rare, because its not like they were just any average studio, they were one of the best, and now they've fallen all the way down to making Wii Sports ripoffs for Kinect..

Lamarthedancer2588d ago

If Nintedno were to buy Rare do you really think we'll see a Conker Game again.

I don't think Nintedno would like a foul mouthed drunk squirrel on their casual friendly console......It would probably be the center of a news story knowing the Media

MrChow6662588d ago

the gun designs are sweet

Relientk772588d ago

Figures, all the good games get canceled


CobraKai2588d ago

They should make Perfect Dark more like Deus Ex in terms of story and mission structure. I mean the last game had a story element focused on "deathmatch". That just seemed lazy.

lochdoun2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

I don't believe it was officially canceled. In development they shifted to a mech-based game and eventually fizzled out the team working on it. I would hope that one day they pick up production on both PD2 and the mech IP in the future. Rare has stated that while their general focus is Kinect, they will not be Kinect exclusive. They have 2 studios now so it's reasonable to think that one studio is Kinect-based while the other is not. But who knows?

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The story is too old to be commented.