The State Of the Wii

As we inch closer to June and the inevitable onslaught of information that is E3, we can’t help but wonder about future console generations. I personally believe we are still a few years away, but anything can happen and with another set of momentous reveals on the horizon I thought we should look back at the state of the current console market. Although we could say a lot to compare the three major players it is probably best if we start by breaking them down one by one and then get to the comparison. So today we will start with…

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Titanz2554d ago

From N64, to the Gamecube - the Nintendo Wii is definitely a system I have come to appreciate.

demogamer2554d ago

While the Wii is definitely on the decline, it had an epic run that was huge for Nintendo and for "casual" gaming. That being said, with the introduction of Kinect and Move, Nintendo needs to bring out something new to become relevant again, and I don't think the 3DS is going to cut it. Maybe we'll see something important at E3 (I hope!).

Venox20082554d ago

I need that they would show goof new games for Wii & 3DS...I don't need anything else from them ..respect, Nintendo :)