More PlayStation Phones if There is 'Potential'

Sony has given a few more details on the Xperia Play, and mentioned that there is room for more PlayStation Phones if they see potential.

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jay22801d ago

I'm wondering if I should get this or wait for a dual core phone

silvacrest2801d ago

the thing is, nothing has been announced yet, you could be waiting a few months or more then a year

Bathyj2801d ago

I'm the same, but I'm wondering if even when the dual core phones get here, whats the point of them if the software is all made for single cores, which most people will still have.

Will they really take advantage of that power or will they be pretty much the same?

If anything, I'm tossing up between this, which will easily have the best controls for a phone, which is where most phone games fall down, or maybe wait for the 3D phones to come out, but i might be waiting too long. I'm due for a new contract very soon, even waiting for the play is stretching it.

silvacrest2801d ago

personally i would just get the play on contract, then when a dual core version shows up i will just upgrade and sell the play

_Q_2801d ago

lol then why did they release a phone now against the most recognizable smartphone in history? They shouldve assessed potential a long long time ago... Theyd had a fleshed out platform buy now... All my opinion..

silvacrest2801d ago

haven't you heard the old "saying dont show all your cards"?

if its successful they can release a more powerful squeal, the same thing happens with every other console/phone/hand held that's ever been made btw

_Q_2801d ago

So the sequel can fight the uphill battle the predecessor is failing at? Its a waste now is my point. This phone will be dead in the water.

silvacrest2801d ago

tell me why it would be DOA? and what uphill battle?

the only thing i can think of is dual core and like Bathyj said, the software is not even optimized for it yet, why spend more money when it would be largely useless for a while

and consider that your average consumer probably does not care about dual core, as long as it does the job thats all that matters

SE made the right choice, the play 2 will likely have a better dual core then whats on the market today or even a quad