Review: PlayStation Move Heroes - TSA

Nihilistic’s interpretation of what should constitute a PlayStation Hero reads more like a who’s who of PlayStation 2 brand iconography rather than the current generation machine: whilst Ratchet and Clank have seen their fair share of action on PS3, Jak and Daxter haven’t, and Sly Cooper (and his sidekick Bentley) are only here on account of an HD wildcard. It’s an odd triplet of sadly rather dated team-ups – where’s Nate and Sully, for example, or Sev and Rico – the real heroes of the hour?

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Neo Nugget2555d ago

Such a shame....I really wanted this game to be good :/

Lamarthedancer2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Why did they waste three great characters on this if it's not going to be good. I mean they even got the same voice actors back for Sly and Jak.

I'd rather them have a massive Kart racing game with characters from all three games then this. Maybe something that could of played like Crash team racing :)

theafroman2555d ago

sony thank you for shitting on my childhood.

Whoooop2554d ago


That actually made me laugh.

jneul2554d ago

TSA are full of shit, i played on it and it's atlrast a 8/10 in my books

Just_The_Truth2554d ago

I hated the demo just seems like mini-games with no straight run trough story which disappointed me but like many have said maybe they were going for the casuals and kids. That's actually a big problem Sony has had they didn't think of the casuals and it looks like the wii and kinect are forcing them to listen people aren't going to buy a $700 system with only hardcore games when they have no friends to play with online just because Sony's in the name and look at the psp compared to the ngp Sony going for that casual market but pleasing the hardcore too. This games not for me but maybe that's not a bad thing.