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Brock Poulsen gives the scoop on 7 upcoming downloadable games that promise to knock your socks off.

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TheLastGuardian2588d ago

I'm keeping my eye on Journey, Outland, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD and Beyond Good & Evil HD. Other than that, I'm mostly excited for retail titles.

RedSoakedSponge2588d ago

Strangers Wrath was the only Oddworld game i missed out on, so will definately pick it up. Im really wanting a new Oddworld game tho. Love the Oddworld Universe. Its so different to the games we seem to be getting atm.

brockst4r2588d ago

Stranger's Wrath was pretty good, and unfortunately sort of fell by the wayside. The oddworld universe if definitely worth revisiting.

PapaSmurf112588d ago

Where is Fortresscraft? :O

puffkix2588d ago

I am so excited for El Shaddai - I have been since last E3? I think that's when I heard about it...