PlayStation Move Heroes Ships Tomorrow

PlayStation Move Heroes Ships Tomorrow, March 22nd.

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theafroman2705d ago

reviews are looking nice.

dragunrising2705d ago

Thats funny because the reviews that I've seen so far on metacritic aren't flattering at all. Perhaps the reviews will pick up, but as of right now its getting a mixed reception.

Outlaw19862705d ago

I won it for free from that subway fresh buzz thing got it in the mail this morning I might not open it though and try to take it to walmart to return it and get full price for it will that work?

cooperdnizzle2705d ago

Yes it will work, but you will only get a gift card! Cause you don't have a recite! A won two of LBP2 So i traded one in and yea they would only give me a gift card! Still kinda of free money. I won the Heroes on the move bundle so i get another move set up with it. I think i am going to keep it and add to my collection, they game doesn't really look that good though!