Microsoft To Phase Out Zune Franchise?

Microsoft is reportedly set to abandon its Zune MP3 player franchise due to poor demand as consumers opt instead for Apple's iPod and smartphones that can play music as well as perform numerous other functions.

Citing sources familiar with the situation, Bloomberg on Monday said Microsoft will continue to support existing Zunes but will not release any future models once current inventories are exhausted. Microsoft officials did not deny the report categorically, and conceded that Zune is set to undergo an "evolution," according to a spokesman

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a_bro2707d ago

good. dont understand why they were doing this in the first place. just kill it and use your assets on something more meaningful, like your xbox division.

vgchica2707d ago

Yea, because Microsoft is known to give up and abandon failing businesses and brands. not

Kalowest2707d ago

MS already replaced the Zune with the WP7s.

Just_The_Truth2707d ago

they should of went the xbox route and paid artist for timed exclusive songs and pictures.

LoneWanderer092706d ago

I have a Zune and i purchased an iPod Touch a couple of days ago