Gears of War 3 Beta Authentication Key Out In The Wild

You have to love a Monday morning that brings with it some very interesting news. We are being told that the authentication key used to verify beta access has been found in the wild. What does this mean?

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Warprincess1162675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Where the key. That guy is such a loser. Posting the article but not putting the key.

tmoss7262675d ago

Or just preorder the game....

JhawkFootball062675d ago

How is the key "out in the wild"..? He said he got a from a very reputable source but wont give it out..

distorted_reality2675d ago

I'm sure it's against some form of rules or regulations to give out stuff like this.....just like when the Crysis2 beta got leaked, nobody who reported on it actually gave out links to the torrents.

General Shrooms2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

What is the point of this article, if the guy isn't going to do anything with it

strawberry92675d ago

to tell you that the key is leaked... as the title says...

Active Reload2675d ago

Will this key get me into the beta yesterday? No? Fu*& off!

sethbalmore2675d ago

attempt to steal a key or break the bank and get a code for the mighty sum of $5

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