Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3 is indeed a seafaring slime adventure - new screenshots analysed

After analysing whether or not the new instalment to the Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime series will head to Europe, 3DS Tribe analyse the latest batch of screenshots for the game to see what's new, or familiar.

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schlanz2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Wait... there is a rocket slime 2?

The first one is such a good game. Definitely a somewhat hidden gem despite the Dragon Quest branding.

Tank Battles = uberwin

I think this guy is mistaken. Its just a sequel, I guess the 3 in 3DS threw him off?

SpoonyRedMage2459d ago

1st one was Japan Only and on the GBA. Rocket Slime is technically the second game.

schlanz2458d ago

Never knew that, crazy. Anyway, glad they are continuing the series on the 3DS.

disgaeapuchi2456d ago

Yeah, me too, can't wait for this game. I just hope it gets a European release, the second game (the DS one) never made it to Europe and I never imported it. A shame :(