People won't buy next Call of Duty because of Black Ops bugs - Gamers' Voice

BeefJack writes: "Gamers’ Voice Chairman Paul Gibson believes that when the next Call of Duty game is released, a “significant number of people won’t be buying it on the basis of what has happened with Black Ops”, and also revealed that the video game consumer rights organisation received so many complaints about bugs in Treyarch’s latest entry in the series that they “couldn’t count them”.

After receiving so many complaints – particularly about problems with the multiplayer modes in the PS3 and PC versions – Gamers’ Voice wrote an open letter to Activision in January, following up by reporting Black Ops to the UK Office of Fair Trading."

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Wizziokid2823d ago

no people will buy it still, those are the stupid gamers

Shmotz2823d ago

What about those of us that actually enjoy the games? Pretty large assumption that everybody who buys the game is stupid.

DoomeDx2823d ago

Thing i dont get is, alot of people on xbl or psn say that CoD sucks, yet they play it all the time!

Hell someone on my PSN has 'CoD:Bo = Sucks!' in his PSN comment..Yet he plays CoD, hell he even has the map pack =/

Yi-Long2823d ago

... they released a GOTY, which had the map-pack.

However, then they STOPPED putting in the code for the mappack, yet it's still named CoD4 GOTY, so 99% of the customers think they're still getting all the content, while they're not.

... that's Activision for you, and that's FAR from their worst offense...

... as soon as you realise what greedy bastards Activision really are, it makes you want to boycot them forever.

Activision is a cancer in the videogame industry. Don't 'feed' it.

sikbeta2823d ago

Not gonna happen, COD players will buy the next COD and the next and so on until it gets old (for them) and something else replace it, simple as that.

hay2823d ago

@Shmotz: He probably means all those people who whine and still buy it denying their previous statements.
You can't have a grudge against people who enjoy it.

Elimin82823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

You are right! But I still think they should ban that SH!T. That game is recycled EVERY YEAR! EVERY FUCKN YEAR! Sad thing is One company, two separate divisions(Treyarch and whoever replaces the infinite ward staff), SAME GAME!

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plb2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Treyarch makes the equivalent of B movies. MW2, while it had it's share of glitches was at least playable on all platforms and I found to be way more enjoyable than Black Ops. Even the PC version is crap. Why can I run Crysis 2 at the highest settings and it performs great while Black Ops is total garbage even at medium.

zeal0us2823d ago

Ppl buy the next iphone,ipad,ipod-touch in spite that basically does the same thing that previous one did or in spite apple treatment, So I highly doubt ppl won't next cod bc of blackops. MW2 was hacked badly when Black ops came out and ppl still brought black ops, waw had glitches if i remember lol elevator glitches.... Regardless of what one version have/had it won't stop ppl from buying the next version.

Gamer_Z2823d ago

Killzone 3, Crysis 2, and Battlefield 3 is all the FPS im going to need this year.

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D812823d ago

I think it's unlikely to have too much of an effect on sales, to be honest. The name comes above the glitches.

Active Reload2823d ago

I hope this person isn't a gambling man...

waltyftm2823d ago

Yes they will, Sure enough as the Sun will rise tommorow.

StarScream4Ever2823d ago

Some 14yr old kids will still buy it.

Parasyte2823d ago

Or at least get their parents to buy it for them.

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