Skyrim, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3: Are RPGs Evolving, or Dying?

Andrew Dyce of Game Rant writes: "With the biggest RPG franchises getting more and more ‘streamlined’ and user-friendly, we have to wonder – does the genre have any hope of surviving?"

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Stealth20k2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

just shut the fuck up. rpgs are doing just fine, j and W

If you want action you can have it, if you want turn base you can have it, if you want strategy you can have it, if you want dungeon crawlers you can have it, you want monster breeding you can have it, you want more of a visual novel rpg you can have it

In no other genre is there MORE diversity in gameplay options

Kee2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I'm with you, RPGs can be actiony. If people want strategy, go play Command and Conquer.
To me RPGs are still about character development (levelling up etc), choices and story .

zatrox2798d ago

"To me RPGs are still about character development (levelling up etc), choices and story ."

And this article talks about the former; character growth and development, which is becoming streamlined.

One thing I love about RPGs (Well, more than anything, the western variation of them) is the customization: making the character I want to play as. That sense of freedom, that is lost within all the streamlining and lack of depth role-playing videogames have seen lately.

It doesn't mean games like, say, Mass Effect 2 are bad- I just find the lack of being able to make a stealth character and do a no-kill run or being a goddamn wizard born from ashes of dragons; playing as a little, badass loli kicking ass while casting spells of incredible magnitude or a nice guy of a human knight, that awesome sense of adventure with said character- those are features that we see in less and less RPGs with time, in favor for a more streamlined, easier-to-understand-because-s upposedly-customers-are-clinica lly-retarded; and it's a damn shame.

Kee2798d ago

I'm sorry, but if you think there is a real lack of detailed character customisation then you've obviously not played any of bethesda's recent games.
If anything, these options are getting greater. With karma choices all over the place in bioware games, it's possible to be able to go through the game the way you want to play (pretty much as if they placed you in their game).

In terms of from a gameplay perspective if you want more options, game devs aren't mind-readers and sure as hell can't make a game that pleases everyone. We all have taste and opinions and that's what this all boils down to.
So, before I go on and on and on... And on... I'll just say this- don't act like it is the freaking end for all RPGs just because they're trying to give you something different. They're giving you something different because a bunch of games have given you all these customization options before and they didn't sell all that well (referring to no game in specific). Damn, I have gone on a bit.

So, I'm saying a few things here... One thing is though that all these people here complaining about the dumbing-down of these rpgs are idiots. Because if they don't want them dumbed-down they should probably have supported the not-dumbed-down games we're seeing less and less of. Sorry if the post seemed angry or offended anyone, but you can quit whining and enjoy the games they release or, better yet, start a gaming studio and try to keep everyone on n4g happy. See how long before you're bankrupt. Yours, in the most sincere and non-mocking tone, Kee

Wiggu2797d ago


I think the massive changes made in these triple-A RPGs has more to do with their views on the most profitable style of game, not fans failing to support certain titles. Mass Effect and Dragon Age look to become even more popular than Jade Empire, KOTOR, or Baldur's Gate. All those games were massively supported by the core audience, but as a result didn't carry mass appeal.

I don't know how someone can look at BioWare's changes as anything but choosing to please the masses over their core fan base.

And the people commenting here may not have their own studios, but they do have opinions and concerns about the kinds of games that they love and are passionate about, so they're far from idiots in my book.

plb2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Well DA2 seems to have taken a turn for the worse compared to the previous. Hope that is not the case with the other mentioned games.

Ranshak2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Its not just the RPG genre, everything is getting dumbed down so that anyone can pick up and play. Have a look at the shooters out there aim assist lol. 5 years back you wouldnt find a single shooter that has aim assist on it.

Ill end up picking DA2 when its dirt cheap on Steam along with all the DLC, doesnt really deserve day 1 buy.

Neckbear2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

The "big" names?

Perhaps; devolving.

Smaller stuff, however?


DethWish2798d ago

Yeah, i find that indie stuff is pretty much all i play nowadays

zeal0us2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

ARPG have came a long way, for a long time what JRPG did was industry standards, but you can slowly see a shift in the industry today. I don't think JPRGs are dying but a little change won't hurt. Long as developer update their ARPG/JRPG won't die anytime soon.

Also long some companies stop trying to sneak drms into the games I highly doubt it die...DRM not only affect RPGs but also other genres as well, wish there was an alternative to fighting pirates

Nac2798d ago

ARPG? You mean WRPGs?

zeal0us2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Yea sorry for that, how u get a disagree just for asking a question?

Sometimes I wish disagreeing require a statement or something, my god this system is like

"I don't like George Bush", "Why?" "Because"

that don't really make that much sense...

Nac2796d ago

No. No they do not.

theonlylolking2798d ago

The only one I am excited for is ME3.

PooEgg2798d ago

I am having a hard time looking forward to ME3, after being somewhat disappointed with Dragon Age 2, and it isn't that DA2 is terrible, it is just missing a lot of the things that I loved about the first game.

I really liked the first Mass Effect, but I liked ME2 a lot less. So it leaves me to wonder, will ME3 improve upon the first games or will EA/Bioware continue along their current path from great to simply average? Will it be Mass Effect 3 with fewer options, shorter gameplay but a lot more DLC to pay for? I won't be pre-ordering it in any case. I will be taking a wait and see approach this time.

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