Are These The Crappiest Console Graphics Of 2011?

Kotaku: Daisenryaku Perfect: Ruler of the Battlefield is the latest entry in the Daisenryaku (Great Strategy) series of Japanese strategy games. It's coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but wouldn't look out of place on the Sega Saturn. Perfect, this ain't.

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realiks2533d ago

I think Crysis 2 Demo PS3 would win this contest.

NanoSoldier2533d ago

you know that the final build looks better than the 360 Version you fool

inveni02533d ago

Where are all the "Gameplay > Graphics" comments?

Nate-Dog2533d ago

Yeah 'cuz demos always represent the final build of a game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2533d ago

Cmon they couldve done better than that.

norman292533d ago

Looks better than most games out this gen

Zydake2533d ago

idc if that has a better gameplay and a better plot its way better than Terminator Salvation

This> Terminator Salvation

Dude4202533d ago

You know, gingivitis is the number one cause of aaallll tooth decay.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2533d ago

Yup and drinking coffee is the number 1 reason why babies are born naked and illiterate.

waltyftm2533d ago

Those are some piss poor graphics, Lets hope the readers dont mistake them for Wii screenshots.

ABritishGeek2533d ago

These graphics are literally the funniest thing I've seen today

gcolley2532d ago

i expected it to be an XBLA/PSN game and i was still laughing at it, then i saw the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.