Cancelled Perfect Dark Core: new details

Eurogamer writes: "How Joanna Dark might have looked."

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Lamarthedancer2226d ago

"New Rare boss Scott Henson told Eurogamer in an interview that Kinect development is the studio's focus. A sequel to the hugely successful Kinect game Kinect Sports is rumoured to be in development"

Oh yeah because thats what everyone else wants you to focus on.....I remember when Rare were good :(

So I guess no more Perfect Dark, Banjo and even Conker

Thanks Kinect

Chaoshead2226d ago

i think we still can see Banjo in future,but with Kinect...

Myst2226d ago

*Slowly breaks down and starts crying*

Montrealien2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

why? I mean, crying over this just means you are bipoler or maybe bi winning?

Myst2225d ago

I'm bi-winning

I won today, yesterday and starting to win everyday.

kazuma562226d ago

Maybe Perfect dark 2 will be kinect+pad.

If the game is really cancelled, I sold my 360, i don't give a f**k about Kinect sports 2, even if the first one was ok.

maxcer2225d ago

sorry to hear you had to sell your 360. hopefully you get back on your feet soon. good luck buddy

LightofDarkness2226d ago

F**k Rare and f**k MS for buying Rare and turning them into this. Maybe I'll just trade in my 360 for something worthwhile this week.

Montrealien2225d ago

I bet sharing that important info on your personal life felt good. Glad you shared that with us.

LightofDarkness2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Has what I said offended you somehow? Your thinly veiled bitterness and maladapted wit point to a yes.

catguykyou2226d ago

After seeing the "concept" picture. I'm glad it did get canceled. I'm pretty sure a middle school kid could of drawn that better.

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