New Xbox release date 2015 - Fake

Ben Peterson, the design student whose web portfolio is at the centre of the next Xbox in 2015 story currently doing the rounds on the internet, has confirmed to Eurogamer that it's all fake. "I'm a student designer, it's not real..." he told Eurogamer.

ORIGINAL STORY: Dubious evidence has surfaced suggesting the next Xbox will launch four years from now, in 2015.

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Wizziokid2706d ago

2015 is waay to long IMO 2013 sounds about right, they don't have much to hold them for another 4 years, unless people are going to rely on Kinetic.

jizzyjones2706d ago

I agree, another 4 years of this hardware doesn't sound too appealing, 2013 would of been my preference for next-gen aswell. No doubt Kinect is the middle milestone, unfortunately.

guigsy2706d ago

I'm not ready for new consoles just yet, but yeah 2013 sounds about right. I would expect the 360 to be discontinued by 2015.

vsr2706d ago

Too late IMO. Another half decade.

PS3 will eat it's share.

Brianna2706d ago

2015 is for the new Playstation

2014 for the new Xbox

Soldierone2706d ago

The thing is just a little while ago people were "fine" with a 2012 release date. now people are fine with a 2013 releease date. Fact is as long as the consoles keep improving and putting out good games, 2015 can and will work.

I bet 2014 for Xbox, late 2014 to early 2015 for PS4.

Agent VX2705d ago

Are you folks kidding me...???

This generation need a new console release within the next 2 years...

The graphics limitations of "BOTH" the PS3 and 360 are really getting boring and brutal.

The stinkin consoles are getting "WELL" past due date, and we need way better graphics then what we are getting right now. This generation is stinking of "OLD".

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sak5002706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

2012 fall should be 7 years of 360's existence. About time they should unveil the new one. 2013 Sony should unleash. But both hardware companies should support the existing hardware along with devs till 2014.

BTW: ungraded GPUs/CPU and highspeed embedded ram and incorporating latest tech in storage and data transfer, media capabilitis and easier learning curve would definately make a good console.

B1663r2706d ago

The current cpu in the xbox has both the gpu and cpu on a single chip, and the interchange between the two is actually quite a bit faster than it was originally, and they had to include an extra bit to slow it down for older games that depended on the older timings.

Also, and I have tried this, but installed games on the new xbox load considerably faster than installed games on the old xbox, so there there have been improvements in the hard drive interface as well, but I don't know what they are.

But given those changes, I expect we will see a game in the next year or two that performs great on the slim, but chugs on the older xboxes.

Also, given where both Intel and AMD (and what Sony did with the SPU's on the Cell) are going with their CPU's I can see a new console where they just massively increase the number of cores and the GPU and CPU are all on one chip from the get go. Also, that type of chip design would allow them to maintain backwards compatability, which... Microsoft kinda seems obligated to with what they have done with XBL.

catguykyou2706d ago

Don't forget that the next gen consoles will rely heavily on digital distribution. I'm not saying they will only have, but it will definitely be the transition console that pushes the industry toward a DD only system.

DARKrage342706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )


I don't see direct download anywhere in the near future... unless download speeds can increase ridiculous amounts.

I hate sitting around on my ps3 to install an 8gb file for GT5 to run smoothly. I will not want to download huge games over 20+ gigs that will require more hard drive space and more of a time hassle.

The used game market is HUGE which will delay any effort for DD of games. Only music and movies make sense to download directly in today's age with music being so small and movies being a one time deal (rental) for most people that don't actual buy the DVD via DD.

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HungPHATx2706d ago

I'm calling this BS ! by then , PS4 will announced , PS3 will be in lead on world wide sales , there's no way that the 360 with that already dated technology can last till then. I say they announce Xbox 3 @ E3 2012/13....

B1663r2706d ago

Microsoft is incapable of keeping secrets. I say that they announce this year that they will announce next year the new Xbox.

DeadlyFire2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

No reason at all why Kinect can't jump onto new hardware. Its a controller, not a GPU. It doesn't change game SDK all that much.

If this is next-gen Xbox talk. Its likely speaking of add-ons or talk of when to begin Xbox 4 production or brainstorming. Xbox 3 is very likely aimed at 2012/2013 at the latest.

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Zir02706d ago

I say this is a good thing, the longer they take the more reliable and powerful the next xbox will be. So they gap between graphics/power will be worth the price tag.

Plus Kinect alone ensures the 360 will be around for another 4-5years

ExPresident2706d ago

Dunno if it will always be worth the price tag. With the PS3 releasing at $600 we're getting closed to that custom built PC that is capable of more than a gaming machine, even at what the current ones offer.

I love my PS3 but the higher the price gets the easier it is to justify just spending the money on a PC.

MrBeatdown2706d ago

Fine by me. The next generation of hardware will really only provide a graphics/performance boost. Any new features can just be patched into existing systems. I'm still perfectly happy with this generation of graphics.

jbiz3202706d ago

I can see it.. PS4 will probably come out around the same time. I dont think either console is maxed out yet (PS3 not even close to being maxed), and yes even the 360. Crysis 2 looks awesome on it.

B1663r2706d ago

ZDNet has a long history of hating on Microsoft, so I'd take this with a grain of salt. So sorry, any news source that has SJVN on the payroll is not a legitimate source.

jdgameguru2706d ago

U should look up that guy that posted it and see that he likes microsoft. :) i follow him on twitter and he was recently named one of the top 10 microsoft bloggers or sommat like that. i like zdnet personally.. they seem to hate on apple more than i see them hate on ms.

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