Bulletstorm review: PiMP.TV

PiMP.TV: "Sometimes, big, dumb and loud is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s what makes WWE wrestling so much fun, the reason Jean Claude Van Damme had a career, and why the best tracks in Guitar Hero are always the ‘80s power ballads. (Stan Bush FTW!)

Sure, it’s great to give your cerebral glutes a workout now and then, but when push comes to shove, we just wanna be entertained.
This is where EA’s Bulletstorm comes in."

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Penno2703d ago

"If Call of Duty is the Inception of the FPS genre, Bulletstorm is more akin to Road House. It thumbs its nose at the pretensions of overly serious shooters and then round-house kicks them in the head."

So buying this game.

ezcex2703d ago

Get ready to expect a round-house kick to your head then if you play this game.....