Gears 3's playable Anya isn't "pandering" to girl gamers

OXM UK: Epic's Rod Fergusson has insisted that the inclusion of playable female characters in Gears of War 3 is more than a sop to female players.

"We didn't change Gears of War to try to lure more female gamers".

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dirigiblebill2828d ago

I await the day when the sheer fact of putting women in a game won't be considered newsworthy...

InTheKnow2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Gears is accommodating it's fan base which has female gamers. I don't get where there is an issue. I think Rods explanation says it all.

GRAW 2 has female options as well. My only concern is if they are given perks like taken extra damage and such. Many GRAW 2 players used the female avatar's because they can take extra hits, not a good thing. They should be exactly the same save for appearance.

Les-Grossman2828d ago

The fact that they felt the need to say this more then likely means they are lying their butts off & besides why wait until the third game to randomly add in a female character ? I have nothing against it but here actions speaks louder then words

waltyftm2828d ago

I heard she gets special Rage powers once a month.

likedamaster2828d ago

How is this NOT funny?!! lol bubbles up

BabyTownFrolics2828d ago

there is a clan of female gears players who have been wanting a playable female gears character for a few years now. so I dont see how having a female character is pandering, I see it as listening to a section of your audience.

Roper3162828d ago

I always have preferred a Female protagonist. Lara Croft, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, etc etc....

When given the choice while creating a character I always create a female character a few examples would be FO3, FO: NV and WKC.

So I like the idea of having a female character in the GeOW game. Hopefully she won't look like an over steroided hulk like the rest of the GeOW cast does. I personally hate that look.

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