PSN Maintenance Scheduled For Today

The PlayStation Network is due to undergo maintenance later on today.

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PaPa-Slam2459d ago

I hope Sony would have announced these maintancene a few days before man.

Sugreev20012459d ago

Agreed.I was keen on playing Killzone 3 today.

kharma452459d ago

"This should not affect any services, and the PSN should still be accessible during this period."

You'll be able to play KZ3 fine if you'd just read what has been written.

Apocwhen2459d ago

It's only 3 hours so it's not so bad.
Still plenty of time in the evening to get some MP gaming on.

Bounkass2459d ago

Just go online befor the PSN maintenance starts. No problems then.

BlueEye2459d ago

Holy shit. Yesterday I was hoping for a PSN maintenance so it could prevent me from going online and play something and instead I could focus on my single player games (FFXIII comes to mind as I have had it incomplete for 11 months now.)

Kee2459d ago

Damn! why on earth do they do this in the middle of the day?

killcycle2459d ago

Sounds good to me, I play my games AFTER i finish work which is pretty late

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