New Famitsu Scan : Tekken Tag Tournament 2's character customization

According to a translation of the latest Famitsu magazine, Tekken Tag Tournament 2's character customization is going above and beyond what was seen in previous entries in the series.

"You can customize your character's looks with costumes, items and hair styles. Costumes can be set with color changes in specific areas. For hair, in addition to front and back customization, you can change sideburns and also equip hair accessories.

The game will offer plenty of items. You'll find over 30 per character. Some items will cause special actions during battle. For instance, if King is wearing a particular belt and you use a particular skill for your K.O., you'll see a special winning sequence."

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waltyftm2555d ago

Sounds fun, Love dressing up characters in games like Tekken and Soul calibur, Capcom please take note.

2555d ago
Redempteur2555d ago

VERY GOOD .Quite better than Paid costumes ..

as long as there isn't any paid items in the lot ...

but who am i kidding ..PAID items for customisation are already confirmed